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Enjoy your hot tub all season long with our routine spa cleaning & maintenance service!

Fort Collins Hot Tub & Spa Service

Bi-Weekly Cleaning, Water Draining & Refill, Chemical Balancing, Filter Replacements & More

The main focus of Hot Tub Patrol is to care for your Hot Tub. We provide service in Fort Collins and throughout Northern Colorado. Our services include regular, bi-weekly or monthly spa maintenance, hot tub cleaning, water drain and refills, filter replacements, spa covers, chemical balancing, hot tub moving and more. A hot tub is one of life's little luxuries and we help to make sure you get to enjoy all of the time. We specialize in all aspects of hot tubs. Routine Cleaning and Maintenance not only keeps the water clean and bacteria at bay, but also helps to keep your hot tub around longer for your enjoyment. We also provide the moving and removal of hot tubs. If you find yourself moving to a new home, Hot Tub Patrol will do all of the heavy lifting and transport your spa where it needs to go in Colorado.
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Why Choose Us

Whether your hot tub jets do not have the same pressure that they once did, the temperature of the tub is no longer staying as warm as it once did, or you're having trouble keeping your tub clean regularly, we can help. Our Hot Tub Patrol specialists are familiar with the mechanics of all hot tub brands, and have seen it all when it comes to hot tub malfunctions. They also experts when it comes to keep your water balanced and clean at all times, so it's guaranteed clean for regular use.

Keep It Clean

Keep Your Hot Tub Looking Clean All Year.

Save Time

Don't waste your weekend trying to clean your spa.

Safe & Sanitary

Ensure your spa is safe and sanitary for your guests all season long

Emergency Service

Offering Emergency Cleaning Services.

Quality Products

We offer the highest quality products for your hot tub.

Optimal Performance

Keep your spa running like new and maintain the longevity.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

"Hot Tub Patrol has helped us to ensure our hot tub is clean and working optimally when ever we want to use it!"